Our First Bikepacking Trip: Desert, Donkeys and Dehydration.


Last weekend Ryan and I set out on our first bikepacking trip.  Our plan was to leave Thursday evening and ride 118 miles (with around 13,000 feet of climbing) to Prescott, arriving on Saturday afternoon.  For the past two months we planned our route, read about bikepacking and bought our gear.  The week before our trip the forecast did not look great; Thursday was forecasted to be over 100°F, just like Ironman Coeur D’Alene!  In hindsight we should have changed our plans when we saw the forecast, but we were too excited and forged ahead. (more…)


Evolution of the Camp Stove


Coleman vs. Primus vs. Can Stove

A few posts back Danielle shared some of the top gear for your car camping kitchen.  One of those pieces of gear was our faithful Coleman stove.  We’ve had this thing since college and it works great every time.  We love this stove and it’s probably one of the most used pieces of gear in our arsenal.  We have cooked plenty of meals on that thing.  Its high output can boil water quickly or it can be turned down to provide a nice simmer.  It really is a great piece of equipment, but the only problem is that you can’t take it backpacking.  Well I suppose you could if you are the anti-ultralight backpacker, but as the saying goes an ounce in the morning is a pound at night so this would feel like 55 pounds at night (and that doesn’t include the propane canister)!

Enter in the backpacking Primus stove(more…)


New Adventures Ahead



Ryan and I have been planning a new adventure for a few weeks now and its finally starting to take shape.  Next month we will embark on our first bikepacking trip.  For those that don’t know, bikepacking is essentially backpacking on a mountain bike.  We have been doing a lot of research on different blogs and websites to find out what to expect, what gear to use and how to plan for a trip. Thus far, everything we have read suggests starting out with a short, low mileage, overnight bikepacking trip. So naturally, we planned a ride from our house in Cave Creek to Prescott, which will likely be around 105 miles, with just shy of 11,000 feet of climbing!  I’m pretty sure that doesn’t qualify as a short, low mileage trip, but neither of us are known to shy away from a challenge. (more…)