Is joy universal?
Can laughter transcend language if it cannot be heard?
Can a smile shatter a lifetime of silence?
Show me new ways to love.


Today we endowed around twenty bicycles to girls from Krousar Thmey’s school for the deaf, blind and disabled. They were all deaf. We asked each girl her name, age and aspiration by translating from English to Khmer to Cambodian Sign Language back to Khmer and then English.  It was hard, but it was important.  I tried to find deeper ways to connect with each girl when a smile didn’t feel like enough.  Playing with their hair, rubbing their backs, anything to show them I cared.
We endowed over 400 bikes on our trip, but these were some of the most memorable.  The experience left me speechless.  I was completely blown away by Krousar Thmey and their staff.  They are the only organization in the entire country to offer comprehensive education for deaf and blind students.  In fact Krousar Thmey developed Cambodian Sign Language.  Being able to experience the work they are doing first hand was humbling.  Passion, grace and the most gentle love exuded from the teachers and staff that worked with the girls from the school for the deaf. It was a great privilege and honor to spend one day working with them and one that I will not forget.


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