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24 Hours in the Old Pueblo Solo Singlespeed – 2017


Did Not Finish…I cringe just typing those words.  Writing this race report stings and hurts, and it’s definitely not the one I wish I were writing.  Last year my goal was to finish and surprisingly I finished in second place so I knew right away that I would be back to really compete…to continue to push my body to its limits.   I picked up my training and focus for the entire next year in preparation for this year’s race.  All efforts were aimed to finish the 24 Hours to the best of my ability.  And for 20 hours of the race it was all coming together until an aggressive pass from a fellow rider sent us both down, and I stayed down…DNF.

But let’s rewind a couple of weeks… (more…)

Race Reports

Dawn to Dusk Race Report: Removing the Asterisk

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Dawn to Dusk is an Arizona classic mountain bike race held every December on the Pemberton loop at McDowell Mountain Regional Park.  This year would mark my fourth time participating in the race, second solo effort, and Danielle’s first time on a female duo with her teammate Ashley.  I started looking forward to this race  last year when I managed to win the solo singlespeed category.  Despite the win in 2015 I always felt like there should be an asterisk next to my name. (more…)

Race Reports

TOWM: Off to a Good Start

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A few months ago I impulsively signed up for the fifty mile single speed race at the Tour of the White Mountains, a mountain bike event put on by Epic Rides in Pinetop, Arizona.  I had never been to Eastern Arizona and knew almost nothing about the course, but Epic Rides puts on great events and I had the weekend free so I decided to give it a go.  As the race quickly approached I was a bit nervous, due to my lack of knowledge on the course and inability to get a pre-ride in I still wasn’t sure which gear to run.  I asked everyone I knew trying to get a sense of what to expect.  I heard everything from smooth and flowy to ‘you will curse your life on the hike a bike section’.  A wide variety of responses left me flying blind so I decided to go with my standard 34×19 gearing and see how it would play out.  The one thing I did know about the race, the altitude, was also contributing to my pre race nerves.  Historically, I haven’t done well in races at altitude and this one starts at 7,200 feet..not crazy high, but high enough for this desert dweller to be worried. (more…)


Big Bear, Big Fail


Standing there with tears streaming down my wife’s face while horseflies and mosquitoes mercilessly attacked us I had a decision to make: do we press on towards the campsite or do we hit the metaphorical abort button?  The only problem was turning back meant a five mile climb, with most of that being hike a bike.  Where was this chapter in the Bikepacking guidebook?  When do you decide to call it quits and throw in the towel?   (more…)