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Sequoia National Park


Shortly after visiting Petrified Forest NP and camping in our Element for the first time Ryan and I set out on a week long road trip from Scottsdale to California.  We had learned a few things from our first camping trip in the Element and were prepared with new gear and a better strategy for packing and sleeping.  On this trip we were hoping to see Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosemite and potentially Pinncales.  Ryan was participating in the Flag2GC mountain bike race on Saturday so I was going to meet him at the Grand Canyon campsite where the race finished and then we would leave on Sunday morning. (more…)


Fat Biking the AZT

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We stood huddled between two pines trying to stay out of the cold, wind and rain.  I gazed out to the west and heard what sounded like a freight train barreling toward us, I turned and raised an eyebrow at my friend Joee as he said, “That sounds aggressive.”  As soon as the words left his mouth we were getting pelted by marble sized hail.  Soon we were drowning in a sea of hail as a wave of white marbles overtook us.  We grabbed our bikes and sprinted to a nearby tent at the Nordic Center, grateful to make it out alive.  Safely under the cover of a tent we did what any Phoenician would do in a hail storm, start playing with the hail and taking pictures! #hailedit (more…)