Fat Biking in Alaska

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Fat Bike (noun): An off-road bike with wide tires allowing for maximum traction and float over all types of terrain including but not limited to sand, riverbeds, mud, rocks and snow.  In other words, it’s a bike that lets you go where no one else can go while having a ton of fun in the process.

Nowadays Fat Bikes are pretty mainstream, however, back in 2014 when they were just starting to  reach beyond their fringe followers Ryan and I had the to opportunity to ride Fat Bikes in the low tide zones of Resurrection Bay, near Seward Alaska.  We went on a ride with Karl from Seward Bike Tours and had a blast.  So many things about our trip to Alaska changed me, but this ride definitely rekindled my affection for off road cycling and had me jump head first into fat biking!  Take a look…

National Parks

Pedersen Glacier

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Ominous strength and might,
yet silently retreating.
As you drift away,
beauty is created.

In your silent, unhurried death,
life abounds, harbored here, in your sanctuary.

Peace and strength.
Death and life.
Harmoniously bound together in this special place.

As I skate along the glassy water and carve through crystal mountains,
I whisper farewell, forever changed.